Prayer Requests and Praises

Praise God for being our Faithful Father, loving us, choosing to save us and adopt us into his family! Thank him for the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ, and for working all things (good or bad) for our good.

Pray for God to fill this fellowship with his Spirit, so that we will worship him with everything we are and have, and seek to glorify and please him.

Pray for God to stir in us a sense of urgency to pray with more purpose, passion and persistence.

Pray for God to speak through his Word and transform us to be more like his Son.

Pray for God to convict us of our sins, lead us back to the cross and a heart of repentance so we can experience his forgiveness.

Pray for God to destroy the idols in our hearts that are distracting us and draining us of the worship that belongs to God.

Pray for God to place a burden in our hearts to love those around us and bring the gospel to them.  Ask Him to open our eyes to the opportunities He provides, and empower us to speak.

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